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Tree Trimming and Removal – Melbourne

Most of the trees in Melbourne, especially around beachside are various types of palm trees that require unique, professional maintenance.

From Phoenix palms (the ones that hurt if pricked), to Foxtails to Areca palms (mostly self-shedding), our communities are in constant need of trimming, pruning and removal of older trees and insects to make room for new growth and yard health. Melbourne beaches along A1A are some of the most serine areas to live, vacation or just visit for the day. That being said, Satellite Beach, Indialantic, Melbourne Beach and Indian Harbour Beach are some of the most sought after properties for families and business to thrive.

CM Lawn and Tree Services will come to your commercial property, business or personal home to remove, trim, fertilize or add trees to your landscaping.

palm tree maintenance melbourneTypes of Palm Trees and the maintenance they require:

Phoenix Palms Trees —
* These trees require a lot more trimming than other palms, due to their spiny nature.

Foxtail Palm Trees —
* The foxtail is a low maintenance tree as they tend to shed their dead and unhealthy frawns on their own. The soil’s acidity should be low and water able to drain effectively.

Coconut Palm Trees —
* these palms are beautiful but can be dangerous if not trimmed and cut regularly. Coconuts falling from a high altitude can cause injury or even death among family member or pets. These are very tall palms and should be maintained by a tree service professional.

Queen Palm Trees —
* Queen palms bear a lot of pollen pods throughout the year. Each pod can weigh up to 60 pounds. Cutting these yourself can also be dangerous. Soil should be soaked 2-3 feet, once per week, for proper maintenance. Apply properly formulated fertilizer in the Spring time.

Areca Palm Trees —
* These trees require some of the least maintenance as they tend to shed their dead and unhealthy frawns on their own. However, regular fertilization is necessary to keep fungus and insects at bay and out of the surrounding soil.

Silver Bismarckia —
* full sun for this sea green beauty! They can also thrive in partial sun. Heavy limbs should be cut down by a professional as they can be very heavy and spiny at the tips.

Cat Palm Trees —
* need a lot of shade and fertilization. This palm also require a lot more moisture. Regular watering will prevent frawns from turning brown.

Tree Removal – Melbourne, FL

Creation Maintenance Tree Removal Experts can provide a list of rules and regulations for Brevard County. There is no tree too big or small … we remove them all.

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